First ever enduro race in Zermatt - big up to all the riders and supporters!

Continental Series races will feed into a new Global Enduro World Series points structure, allowing EWS members to gain EWS ranking points. Ranking points can also be earned through the Qualifier Races and these will be combined with any Continental and main EWS races competed in to give an overall EWS ranking. Check out the EWS Rule Book for more information.

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Find all pictures taken by our photographers here:
Nils Thibaut / Carolina Sax - Stage II and Stage III
Henry Meredith Hardy - all pictures

Race Information

Race Book - tracks and info
Notice of Race - general info and rules
Disclaimer - sign at venue before race
Start list

Riders who are under 18 years old will need to hand in a written consent from their parents or guardian:
Consent Form

Official Rule Books:
EWS Rule Book
Helveti'cup Règlement

General Information

In order to make your trip to Zermatt as easy as possible, we put together some information for you:
How do I get to Zermatt?
Where can I find a place to sleep?
What do I need to know when I shred trails in Zermatt?