Ultrafondo from Zurich to Zermatt - 290 km and 7000 meters of climbing

Zurich - Zermatt is an Ultrafondo and part of "Chasing Cancellara". On a 290km race course with 7000 meters of climbing, the participants face a tough challenge on their way to the foot of the legendary Matterhorn. The first riders will roll off the start ramp at 2:00 am. The last participants are expected at around 8:00 pm in Zermatt. Join and challenge Fabian Cancellara on an epic ride!

After the start at the Prime Tower in Zurich the riders are heading towards hillier regions via the Buechenegg, the Freiamt and Sursee. From there the participants tackle the climbs of Glaubenbielen and Brünig before the Grimselpass is set to be the biggest obstacle of the race. With close to 290 kilometers and almost 7000 meters of elevation, Zurich – Zermatt is set to be the toughest one day race in Switzerland.

How to register

All information about Chasing Cancellara Zürich-Zermatt as well as the registration you can find here: