Zermatt (CH) - Round 8

The eighth and final round of the 2019 Enduro World Series will take place in Zermatt, Switzerland! It's the first time the series has crowned its World Champions somewhere other than Finale Ligure in Italy - and where better than in the shadow of one of Europe's most famous mountains, the Matterhorn? With a growing reputation for it's expanding trail network flanked by incredible mountain scenery, Zermatt is the perfect location for this historic race.
In this final round the racers will have to focus all of their skills on one day of racing on Saturday, 21. September.

Training: Friday, 20th September
Race: Saturday, 21st September


Course Map for spectators

To Stage 1
08:20 - 12:30
Sunnegga Train > Blauherd Gondola > Road to Stellisee

To Stage 2
09:15 - 13:35
Sunnegga Train > Transfer Road to Gant
Sunnegga Train > Findeln > Stage 2

To Stage 3
10:15 - 14:30
Matterhorn Express, get off at Furi > Gondola Furi - Tr. Steg

To Stage 4
12:30 - 16:40
Gornergrat Train to Gornergrat (40min ride, check schedule!)

To Stage 5
13:35 - 16:45
Top Part - Gornergrat Train to Riffelberg
Mid Part - Gornergrat Train to Riffelalp
Lower Part - Matterhorn Express to Furi > Moos Trail
Finish: Moos Trail

Visit the following restaurant to watch the race:
Riffelalp Resort, Alphitta, Chämi Hitta, Ritti, Alm, Ze Seewijnu


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